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What happens when you press the elevator button twice?

Ok, be honest. Have you ever pressed an elevator button in succession within a short span of time or have ever pressed it even if it had already been pressed by somebody else? Well, welcome to the club.

To reiterate my question, what exactly happens when you press an elevator button twice or thrice?

Absolutely nothing!

The elevator does not come twice as fast if you press it two times. It’s oblivious to your impatience. It comes when it comes. Like a boss.

Interestingly, we all knows this. Most of us at least, I’m hoping. I’m saying this because I once did see a great soul in our office punching the button non-stop. So much so I was worried he might even break it. I lost a little bit of faith in humanity right there.

Just kidding, of course. But really, why is your brain making you do something that it knows is irrational. What mystical power is at play here?

Turns out it’s a mix of restlessness and our natural tendency to believe that more effort=better results!! Lets break it down –

1) You press it because it feels good to do something other than waiting. Psychologically, it works because your brain is more satisfied to know that something is being done to bring about an effect. The elevator doesn’t come any faster but you are deluded you into thinking that’s the case anyway. And inaction is something that your mind is averse to, especially when you are in a hurry.

2) You press the button and are waiting, then somebody comes along and presses it once more. How many times have you seen this happen? Countless? As astounding as it might sound, your brain doesn’t want to accept the fact that the elevator will come without your intervention.

The best response you can give when somebody does this is, “Thanks! You pressed it a lot better than what I did.” 🙂

3) You like the feel of buttons on your fingers. Seriously?

And yea, the next time your internet connection is slow and web pages do not seem to load, don’t open more tabs!

2 thoughts on “What happens when you press the elevator button twice?

    1. LOL. Exactly. At least once every week I see somebody press an already pressed button and smirk to myself. I think these are the same people who will honk their horns in traffic and think that’s gonna make the vehicles ahead move faster!!!

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