Why are all digital assistants female?



Just something I was thinking about today. Like why do we almost always identify the role of a personal assistant with a woman.

I mean, take the personal assistants on the top mobile platforms –

  1. Siri
  2. Google Now
  3. Cortana

From the above, Siri and Cortana quite evidently had female voices upon their launch, with everyone even referring to them as “her”. Cortana though could have only been female (as she was based off a beloved video-game character), so Microsoft doesn’t take such a bad hit. But Siri on the other hand, predominantly featured a female voice and only recently did Apple add an option to have male voice.

Google Now is the odd one out of the bunch. It’s the only assistant without any inherent “personality”. It’s the most intelligent assistant out there for sure, but you can’t have a conversation with it the way you can do with Siri and Cortana. But…

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